Fearlessly Frank is an innovation consultancy.

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Recently we launched Vero, the fastest-growing app in eighteen countries, co-founded Sherpa, the UK’s most disruptive insuretech start-up, and partnered to launch Jimmy's Iced Coffee, which now sells one iced coffee every five seconds.

We use Fearlessly Frank Thinking™ to help businesses concept/launch new products and services, as well as creating and investing in our own ideas.

Consulting Partners

New product and business innovation
Go-to-market and marketing strategy
Brand strategy and design
Content development and production

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Advisory board
Start-up as a Service
Fundraising and investor relationships
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Fearlessly Frank Thinking™ Process

Dig Deep

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Initiating research, questioning and investigating for fresh perspectives and new strategic thinking.

Dream Big

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Translating strategic thinking and data into specific company visions informed by human insight.

Create Change

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Transforming insights into actionable business solutions, articulated through powerful creative ideas.

Make It Happen

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Delivering creative ideas through innovative brands, partnerships, products and services.

Measure Progress

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Maximising business potential through continued analysis and evaluation.

We launched Vero, the fastest-growing app in eighteen countries, co-founded the UK's most disruptive insuretch startup, Sherpa and partnered with Jimmy's Iced Coffee, which now sells one coffee every five seconds.

"World Vision worked with Fearlessly Frank on a strategically vital innovation project. The process was informative and inspiring, and the result was beyond our expectations."

World Vision - Andrew Morley – CCO

"Fearlessly Frank have cajoled and challenged me every step of the way. And somehow it all seemed like tremendous fun. They have helped me build my retail distribution alongside building the brand. We are growing fast and in no small measure to the efforts of Fearlessly Frank."

Jim Cregan - Founder & Managing Director, Jimmy's Iced Coffee

"When I launched Vero I was looking for a strategic partner who understood the value of a relationship, and Fearlessly Frank delivered in spades, helping to shape my original vision with their own research, intuition and insight. Not only were they tirelessly creative but there was emotion at the heart of everything they did—a reason, a belief, a philosophy. The process wouldn’t have been the same without them."

Vero – Ayman Hariri – CEO

"Fearlessly Frank worked magic for our business. Amongst a suite of mobile applications they developed for us, the most innovative and significant was an 'E-Manual Engine' capable of replacing printed technical manuals. An incredible idea that transformed the user-experience for drivers all over the globe."

Bob Laishley – Program Director – OEM, Partnerships, Sports and Nismo

“I have always relied on FF to be our thought partner that constantly reminds me why we are doing what we are doing, why we have to constantly reach for the stars, and how we need to relentlessly focus on building and delivering an awesome customer experience. In addition to their amazing creative problem solving, they have been a genuine partner on the journey of visualizing and bringing Sherpa to life.” 

Chris Kaye – Co-Founder and CEO – Sherpa

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